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[state of the rp]

Sure let's do this

state of the rpCollapse )

Stole the code from laenavesse!


soon joining anemoi_rp

Anyone who still has this journal friended, please friend remove jump_isforkids now! I'm using it in another game soon. Comm-based, but, eh, good to wipe the slate clean I guess.


Okay, th-th-th-th-this is a game. Right? A game? Like, the part where all the kids who hit puberty just a year or two ahead of you are shoving your head in a toilet until water's leaking in through your ears, and you can't even remember what you did to make them want to make you this week's punching bag. That kind of game, I can tell, right? Right?

Okaaaaay yeah. Yeah, this is fun, we've all had a laugh, I think. I thought it was hilarious, too! But now it's over, so, I guess it's time for me to. Take a nap or something, because guys? I think you need to lighten up next time we play this game. I can't remember anything-- NOT THAT IT'S PERMANENT, NO. I'll be fine. Just.

Be careful next time, okay?

*points* Always be careful of where the path of a school bully takes you.

HNGGNNGNHGHHGH. GODDAMMIT. Am I tripping? Am I drunk? What the hell...


OOC:: Life Moves On Like A Conveyor Belt

All previous entries in this journal belong to netherworld_rpg. Here on out, Gintoki's heading over to memento_eden.

Hey, Netherworld! Please friend remove jump_isforkids, ya basterds!
What the hell is happening to "Ble*ch" these days?

I can understand wanting to follow-through with character development; that's one of the strongest tools in a manga author's arsenal. But when you start feeling like these aren't the same characters that we met a few years back, then I ask you, what is the point? Manga is manga. Jump is Jump. When you give characters' their power-ups, don't blow your whole wad and leave the readers confused and feeling cheated, ya bastard.

Also, didn't this story have a main character? Suspense is important, but pretty soon it'll get to be so bad that when he shows up again, everyone's reaction will be "Eh? New character?" How sad is he gonna be when that happens, eh?! Shit. Not only that, but we're running out of bad guys for him to beat up, aren't we? I know that A*zen is strong and everything, but if it takes an entire arc for that fight, I'm quitting Jump, I'm dead serious. I can't put up with that kind of shit! Who would?! It's disgraceful!

That said, I hope that the prize for stealing the Delong Star Ruby is good. I'm chaffing in this all-black spy outfit, and The Boys are going to be a different color once I check them in the toilet, I just know it, I am not even joking around here.

Okay, calm down. Nothing's getting stolen as long as you keep getting upset like this. Slow and steady...

*infiltrates the museum, and is ninja-ing his way to steal the ruby*

Seriously, though. What the hell, Ble*ch.

My experience point is being spent on my SUGAR STAT.

With an increased Sugar stat, I should be able to eat more than one parfait in a week, yeah? I've been meaning to switch doctors in any case; honestly, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Who seriously believes in diabetes, anyway?! SAME PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE IN THE TOOTH FAIRY AND SANTA CLAUS, I TELL YA.
I haven't had a job in 6 weeks now.

I haven't read "Jump" in 2, seeing as my wallet is emptier than a tired housewife's smile.

Maybe I should stop reading it.



*some time later, Gintoki is standing in front of the castle entrance, holding up a sign that says

( For some reason, snow is falling all around Gintoki, even when he's inside. The snow never piles up anywhere except for when it lands directly on him. )

JESUS, it's hot. *tugs at collar* Mother in heaven, I am not messin' around. Did they finally decide to turn this place into 100% Hell? Oy, I don't appreciate this.*fanning himself with a Shounen Jump monthly subscription advertisement card, 'cause that's really all he has* For crying out loud. Will someone open a window, turn on the air conditioning, and stuff some ice cubes down my back?

Fuck it-- *starts stripping to his underwear*

((What? What are you looking at? I don't know what you're looking it. I'm just RPing here. That's all I'M doing, I don't know about you. Sheesh.


ANYWAY, Gintoki has been affected by the snow mushi, which is in the Mushishi manga but not the 26-episode anime. Like it says above, it's always snowing on him. Not explained above, his body temperature is dangerously low, which is why everything feels so hot to him, and he's actually in danger of frostbite, even though he doesn't feel it.))
[ A crash in the distance. Netherworld's version of birds all take off at once, startled by something in the trees. A rumbling like an earthquake, and all the trees suddenly are uprooted as the ground completely ruptures and rumbles and turns over as if it were alive. After the destruction is complete, the dust clears...and a single man stands, a glowing weapon wedged into the ground where he stabbed it. He pulls it out with a mighty, well, pull, and hefts it over his shoulder. The blade is big. And shiny. And also big. Really, really, badly-designed big. Why the hell did they design a sword like that? If people want to cosplay it, it won't fit in the door! There's something called MODERATION, you art designers!! ]

*grins widely*


((His dream came true, I decided. Eh, why not.))